All along the Wild Atlantic Way

…. AKA Copenhagen IM Training : Day 6

Amazing scenery like this made the ride a *little* bit easier credit :

Day 6 was the Westport Gran Fondo. I wasnt afraid of the distance , but i did have ideas of grandeur when it came to the average speed i thought i was going to be able to hold , considering that my last few outdoor spins were around the 28/29 kmph average. The only thing is that they have actual bloody mountains over there.


In the end i came in at just 4:53:43 , but my official time is probably a bit over 5 hours as i had to stop twice for a pee as i dont like doing that in fleecy long legged bibs , no bother in tri shorts. Also i needed to fill my water bottles at one stop so that sucked a bit of time – most of the events ive done up to now were a throw one grab one when it comes to water bottles. Im happy though because i felt reasonably ok when I got off the bike , i think i would have been able to go for a run – not a marathon mind you , but definitely a half if i had to.

One of the best things about the weekend was the airbnb rental we found , a beautiful stone cottage about 30 mins from Westport , and we stayed there the night before and after the Gran Fondo. It was everything good about Irish hospitality , the host was a fantastic , easy going guy and we had a turf fire ready and waiting for us on both the Friday and Saturday.

On Friday night we watched the Late Late show and Aoife Scott sang “All Along the Wild Atlantic Way” , if my bike sang this to me now , id have to say no – im never bringing you back there , not unless you grow some more gears. Definitely road bike territory , but getting aero passing the roadies was a bit of fun at the times when i could at least 🙂

All in all it was a great event to be part of. The organisers got a decent amount of criticism about various things , mostly levelled towards trying to create business for the hotels involved – but i say if you dont want to go , then dont. It was definitely lonely out on the course at times , but the volunteers made up for the lack of supporting crowd. Next year id love to see a little bit more of the entrance fee go towards the charity , and maybe a bit more family focused as i missed out on the after party as it was on later in the evening , not that the children held me back from going , but more so that i want to share these things with them as they are my support team !

A couple of more pictures from the weekend :

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