Who are you looking to beat exactly ?

I could this on the social media machine yesterday and at first I was like “fuck yeah! Prove them all wrong… blah blah” , but then I got to thinking about it and I’m not sure I’m convinced…..

You see , I’m honest with myself about where I am in triathlon. I came to the sport quite late without having a background in any of the three disciplines, and even at that it was off the back of a comment of “go on, you can do it” rather than “you never will”. I don’t have rivals that I’m trying to beat off a podium place, and I can’t say that I’ll ever be in that place, but what I can say is that I’ll always strive to be better than what I am right now.

Love comes from learning about something, and I can genuinely say I do love triathlon. The swim is a grind, because I’m shit at it – but getting through it pushes me on, the bike brings technology – my other love , and as for running , the thought of it is terrible – but you have to appreciate something you can spend hours doing and not remember a single second. I suppose that’s the brain blocking out pain.

Then what about coaching ? Sorry, you can’t sell that to me as a journeyman. If I’m going to push myself to do something as tough as Ironman , then it’s only me and my family that are going to share in the achievement. Plus , I could never justify the cost for God’s sake ! Race entry is generally expensive enough without adding coaching on top. I mean yeah go for it if you are in with a chance of a visit to the big Island or top 5 finishes , but that’s not me. I take pride in motivating myself to try as hard as I can on any given day and that’s more than enough for me. 

What’s going to happen when you prove the naysayers wrong ? You will gain no satisfaction when you achieve what they didn’t believe. I prefer to remain my own harshest critic, you can’t bullshit yourself – it’s impossible. You can’t pretend like you trained hard and then didn’t get a PB because it just wasn’t your day , because you will know otherwise. Live for yourself and the reward will be fulfilment.

And as for the tagline, how about “be the person you didn’t even dream you could be”


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