RoadID #adventurechecklist


got my roadID in the post on monday and it came in this packaging. you cant give a list to me and not expect all the items to get checked off at some stage.

given that i got the id for a little bit of peace of mind while im out training for Ironman Lanzarote, it think it makes sense to try and check all these items off with the family to offset all the guilt !

The kids love most of them, maybe a bit scared of the prospect of skydiving , but definitely looking forward to a poo in the woods. But they made up some rules :

  • adventures have to be done in real life
  • no adventure can count double eg going for a walk in a new park
  • you can only complete one adventure a day

Here is the list , ill try to write a bit on each as we tick them off.

  1. go for a walk
  2. take a vacation
  3. do some yoga
  4. run a marathon
  5. read 3 books
  6. play a harmonica
  7. use a telescope
  8. throw a frisbee
  9. ride a camel
  10. bathe in a river
  11. plant a garden
  12. strike a pinata
  13. bike 100 miles
  14. jump some rope
  15. wade in a creek
  16. watch the sunrise
  17. attend a ballgame
  18. dance in your undies (maybe onsies for the kids)
  19. whittle something
  20. sing karaoke
  21. bob for an apple
  22. build a snowman
  23. go for a hike
  24. skydive
  25. travel by boat
  26. build a sandcastle
  27. see a concert
  28. go spelunking
  29. help someone
  30. compose a haiku
  31. nap in a hammock
  32. bunny hop a curb
  33. ride a slip n slide
  34. give a speech
  35. visit any park
  36. spot a constellation
  37. call an old friend
  38. overcome a fear
  39. use a paper map
  40. cook on a campfire
  41. complete any race
  42. learn a yo-yo trick
  43. chase some fireflies
  44. poo in the woods



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