The Longest Week #talentnotrequired


I see plenty of posts online talking about “a day in the life of an Ironman” from pros and semi pros. Savage – if i won the lotto id be able to train like that, and maybe id be my own brand. Probably not though.

But i haven’t wont the lotto and i still manage to get by somehow. Its not easy, but this might be inspiration because if i can do it then i’m fucking sure anyone else can.

There are 168 hours in my week. Whoop is telling me i need a baseline of 7.5 hours sleep a night and any doctor worth their salt will back that up. Getting 52.5 hours sleep a week means 115.5 waking hours.

Work is an 9 hour day , with an hour lunch break. The break is next to useless for a training session unless ive got something scheduled for 45 mins or less. Thats not always the case and i have a bit of wiggle room, and i have holidays i can take if needed. So ill leave it at a 40 hour work week. 75.5 hours left after works done.

Actually getting to work is the killer. Up to 1.5 hours each way of absolute dead time. worst case scenario thats a 15 hours of nothing. Audio books or podcasts maybe and some shitty sleep – im 6-3 and 16.5 stone, and the buses i travel on are not meant for comfort. Occasionally i can do a bit of a run commute or bike to/from work depending on the season/weather – but leaving it at the worst case , its 60.5 hours left.

Luckily ive got a savage wife and we are in a situation where she only needs to work a job that she loves, meaning that my actual Dad responsibilities are only 100% called on twice a week. One of those days is a Saturday where i realistically can only fit in a 2 hour session early as im at home with the kids. Ive tried setting up the turbo in the kitchen but its not fair on them and the guilt always prevents you from getting a good workout anyway. So for saturdays i can knock off another 11 hours gladly for family time. Down to 49.5 hours available for training now.

“Down to !” – fuck, id be a wreck if i trained 49.5 hours a week. The longest week planned on the program for Lanza is 17hrs 23 mins. That means i would still have 30 hours a week to myself. Granted its probably broken up all over the day in 15 minute chunks but its still over a full free day.

Even on the longest of training weeks, you got loads of time as long as your prepare.


I had all the above written just before going for a run this evening. During tha run i finished chapter 8 of David Goggins book “Cant Hurt Me“.

Every chapter finishes with a challenge and chapter 8s challenge is scheduling your life.

Build a schedule to optimize your time. Use 15–30 minute block intervals. When you work, only focus on one thing at a time.

So here it is. The longest week schedule, dropped into my life schedule. Ill have to take Friday off work to be able to get in a 4.5 hour bike, but this is Ironman.


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