Dublin City Marathon 2019

An unbelievable day as usual – my 3rd time completing the DCM and this year i think was the best ever , the support, conditions and the course were brilliant.

22500 entries were sold for the race this year, and the biggest thing that struck me were the numbers of people running for a cause, and even more of an inspiration were those people who were running in memory of a loved one lost. The hardest of those to comprehend were those runners who had a name or a picture of a child.

For me , once again , the wheels came off 3/4 of the way through – pains grew up through my legs from the ankles, through calves into hamstrings leading me to a walk run from between kms 33-38 for fear of my groin going ping as my run had become as stiff as the guy on stilts dressed as groot. Every time i race and suffer, i promise myself ill incorporate some proper strength and stretching, might be a good time to start.


Anyway – another one off the list , and the first checkbox on the roadid adventure checklist complete.



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